Life is a beach…a 90 mile beach, Te Araroa Trail, NZ

Cape Reinga to Wellington, New Zealand. Te Araroa, the North Island…The Long Pathway, 1700 kms. First stage Cape Reinga to Ahipara.

Highlights: Cape Reinga where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific meet and Maori legend; where the departing spirits of their dead leave Aoteoroa to the journey of their final resting place.  Beautiful salmon-pink giant sand dunes aside of Te Werahi Beach, looking to infinity over 90 Mile Beach; an awesome sight. First night camping at Scotts Point with a mug of red and a beautiful sunset. Snoozes in the sand dunes when the need arose or high tide prevented progress.  And the sea, the beach, the sky reaching to infinity, awesome in beauty; in keeping you in the moment with an eye to the tides, sea treasures and patterns of nature to value in mind and soul. To some – boring, same same. Not so for us.

Five days walking the beach. Amazing. Blessed with good weather – partly cloudy with cooling breezes.  So lucky. But do not underestimate. Walking the sands is very tiring on legs and feet.

The beach was beautiful but the sea giveth and taketh. To the unwary, the sea is treacherous in parts. A young German girl lost her life when going for a swim. 2 others were saved just as we reached Haukatere.

Arrived in Ahipara, on the fifth day after leaving Cape Reinga. 100 kms down and 1600 to Wellington to go.  So many stories to tell already and not enough time st this point to tell. They will keep!

Today is our 44th Wedding Anniversary and we’ve celebrated camp style at Ahipara Campsite a YHA campsite and it is beautiful and clean set in lovely grounds

The top four photos taken at the commencement of the walk from Cape Reinga and onto Te Werahi Beach.  Following photos taken along 90 Mile Beach.  Accommodation: First night camping at Scotts Point, Second at Bluff Point, Living in comfort with fine hospitality and conversation with Gabriella at Haukatere Lodge (, motel at Waipapakauri Caravan site and finally a cabin at the YHA campsite in Ahipara.  We have been joined on our walk by a young German, Claudio Schwarz.

Our next challenge. Herekino Forest. The first of four rainforests.

21 thoughts on “Life is a beach…a 90 mile beach, Te Araroa Trail, NZ

  1. Great to catch-up with you both today in Auckland. I’m looking forward to following your journey and maybe see you as you pass through again. Travel safe.

    Love, Chris x

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  2. Hi Nancy and John

    We are enjoying following your blog and admire you for your tenacity and perseverance. We hope that you are enjoying the Christmas/ New Year break with Trudi and john and your Canadian friends, and that you will be all re-invigorated for the next leg of your amazing journey.

    Nanc, I can see that at the end of this trip there will be a huge volume of photos and poetry published that will bring you fame and fortune with the New Zealand tourist bureau!

    We had a relatively quiet Christmas, mainly with the family, but now we are all a bit pre occupied with packing for and getting to Japan. It’s a bit bizarre packing snow gear in the middle of summer1 Having said that today was cool (23) and windy so it’s not too hot most of the time.

    Take care and stay safe. God protect you on your walk as you take in the amazing variety of his creation.

    Love Gail and Greg

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  3. Looks like a good start to the walk & somewhat cooler that the 41 deg we have in Perth today. Looking forward to the next post. Bernie & Michelle


  4. Hi Nancy and John, finally caught up with you. Wow!! Great start to the trek. Look forward to keeping an eye on you. Blessings and God Speed. Janice & Terry

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    1. Hi Honnie, great to hear from you and thanks for posting. This trail is huge and challenging and amazing! 1580km to go! Meanwhile have been enjoying a Christmas break with my sister in Hamilton. Merry Christmas to you and best wish s for all things prosperous in 2017.


  5. Congratulations on your 44th wedding anniversary, a milestone in this day and age! (It is a good union, wonderful). Love your blog, photos brilliant. Keep well.

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  6. Happy Anniversary, John & Nancy; seems such a short time since we met! I have been thinking of you daily since you arrived in NZ & started this amazing journey; you are at present following the trail of a friend who has just been biking some of the areas you are on. Looking forward to your next contact. Much love, Jan.

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